Friday, 10 February 2017

Fishing In lake Livingston

Recently there were quite a few floods in the regions which constitute Lake Livingston, and as the locals will tell you this prompted the fishes to travel to shallow waters. However this situations seems to have been fixed and there are now a plethora of fish available in the river.

Fishing in Lake Livingston can be very relaxing. Catfish is the best catch that you will find around this time of the year. This fish is most copiously found around Bethy Creek. Hence this is perhaps the most perfect chance for you to get your hands on some Catfish. Apart from that I have also recently caught a White Bass which weighed up to 6Lbs and she is an absolute beauty.

Although recently there were many who were of the opinion that White Bass had left these waters, yet that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as apart from me a number of other fishermen have also had the privilege of catching one of these beauties.

So if you are planning to head to Lake Livingston in the near future make sure to pack a lot of fishing gear as the fishes are really biting this time of the year.

Head on over to Lake Livingston and enjoy the peace and calm while you fish.

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